my first post!

As a first assignment into the Digital Comics course i am enrolled, my task was to create a small sequence story, (4-8 panels).

This was my first ever attempt to put my sketches inside a frame and create a story with some meaning and coherence. I have been drawing and sketching since i remember myself but placing my doodles inside a frame was something i always thought of an intimidating task, as if all these artists in the numerous comics i have read since i was a little kid, had/have magical skills. I came to face a number of issues regarding if it would be better to hand-draw this excercise or use my graphic tablet and pen that i am not so good at using yet. So i chose to do it by hand and then do a little processing with computer graphics software.

I had a hard time selecting a topic as well, so i ended up working both options in parallel at the beginning. I changed the story too many times, and drew various alternatives of the story, and since i always have little trouble in focusing on the assignment’s instructions i made a number of mistakes, like forgetting to use main characters and environments, i would just hold on to my creativity and start sketching only to realise long after that the story i was creating had nothing to do with what was being asked in the instructions. But hey i somehow made it..

I wasn’t that satisfied with the end result though, but i think i will have the chance to play again with this exercise and create a more satisfying version of it. I will link some of the draft sketches and work progress later on as well.

So, below i will add the assignment’s instructions and my work:

1.Rhetoric of Composition assignment:

Create the first 4 to 8 frames of a story, using only limited color (no more
than 3 colors besides black, gray tones, and white).

You may use digital tools, draw by hand, or some combination of the two.
Focus on composition, and how the arrangement of shapes within the frame
supports the meaning of the story. No text!

You do not have to draw the entire story – it can be just the first frames, or
last frames, of the story.

Here is the story (choose either one):
• A frightened dog is being chased through an abandoned city by a
person, and falls into a hole.
A child climbs a very tall tree, meets a bird, and they fly away together. (This is the story i chose, let’s call it “The girl and the bird”.)                                         

Composition Assignment_MP